Check out brand history of Korea’s leading heat pump company, Onsiwon system | Brand History

Onsiwon System Company has been started with the goal to make high quality heat pump since September, 2009. Check Onsiwon’s history in chronological order.


 We have developed 5RT heat pump (water-to-water) for export to the Middle East and export it to Dubai for trial operation and stable operation.

2015.4  We have developed a low temperature application water source heat pump (water to water type) 3RT 30RT.
2014.11  We developed an air-to-heat heat pump (air-to-water) 5RT heat pump.
2013.03  We have obtained factory certification from the Korea Energy Management Corporation’s New & Renewable Energy Center.
2013.01  We moved our existing plant to Smart Valley in Songdo New Town and doubled our ability to produce domestic and industrial heat pumps from small capacity to large capacity heat pumps
2012.12  We were registered as a venture company and expanded our research facilities to contribute to the development of new technologies.
2012.10  We filed a patent for the compressor (No 10-1196595) applying the two-stage compression for new technology research and development.

 We completed the development of geothermal source heat pump 3RT, 5RT (R22, R410a refrigerant application) and obtained certification as renewable energy equipment


 We completed the heat pump research facility and the performance improvement test facility. We also designed a high-efficiency heat pump that uses new and renewable energy geothermal heat.

2009.09  Onsiwon System was established in Namdong Industrial Complex, Incheon City, and heat pump performance test and research were conducted.