Our company is comprised of experts from the fields of planning and the relevant department of the specialty freeze-drying company for long years.

We are Onsiwon System.

Our company aims of green growth with the nature and the main business field is planning, production and selling high efficiency heat-pump (chiller/heater) by using geothermal heat, hydrothermal and waste heat which are new and renewable energy.

Sustainable Development

All members are trying our best to stabilizing the quality improvement and we support the ‘high customer satisfaction’ policy.

Value of Existence

We are proudly introduce that we are trying our best to raise the value of existence with our nature and environment.


The heat pumps we produce use renewable energy and use the least amount of resources such as oil. It obtains the abandoned energy that exists in nature in the air in the water and uses it, and pumping the heat energy in the state that the human being is usable to produce the heating water of the building.

The heat pump is used to cool off heat in the summer and to remove heat energy in the summer. In winter, it can be used to raise energy at a lower level to a higher usable level. This energy can be used to produce hot water and it is diversifying the design such as heating cooling, cold wind drying, dehumidification drying
The heat pump is divided into a water-based heat pump and an air-based heat pump, depending on the type of heat source used. The heat source can be geothermal, hydrothermal, air heat, and seawater heat. The heat pump can be combined with heating / cooling / heating and hot water depending on the application.
The heat pump is divided into a small capacity heat pump that can be used for home use and a large capacity heat pump which is used for industrial and building heating and cooling. The technology is developed day by day, and the company combines various renewable energy, Design and manufacture
Especially, the heat pump using geothermal heat is called geothermal boiler geothermal heating geothermal heating and cooling, and it is designed, manufactured, installed and used as cooling, hot water, cold wind, heating, hot water supply and hot wind.



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